Psychotherapy in Africa A 21st Century, Multidisciplinary Fabric, Anchoring Careers & Society beyond Borders

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It is my pleasure that the World Council for Psychotherapy- African Chapter present this volume of selected and edited papers in a book. We would have been even happier if we could have been able to offer every paper delivered at this remarkable event. It was, too the 1st African Chapter World Council for Psychotherapy conference in the history of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology. But we were not able to produce and sell unedited proceedings by the conclusion of the conference, as had been our intention. So the dawning task arose of selection, editing and abbreviating the mystirical of offerings received, confining them within the limit of 400 pages. This proved no mean feat, unfortunately many papers had to be discarded and officers substantially shortened. I trust that this volume will be a useful addition to the many other WCPC publications and that you will enjoy reading this material which we can offer you, as have enjoyed working with it in these recent weeks, following the completion of the conference.
This is cover of the book that is available for purchase written by Prof. Edward Bantu, the Principal of College of Humanities at KIU, Uganda and forwarded by World Council for Psychotherapy. The entire book can be accessed through: