Disability Management Interventions Measures: A Case of Luweero Town Council.

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Kampala International University ,College of humanities and social science
The study established the current intervention measures in the disability management process within Luweero Town Council. The intervention measures in this context include projects or activities both planned and implemented to prevent disabilities and the efforts toward the inclusion of PWDs into the mainstream. While managing disabilities involved all the activities put in place by all the actors to alter risk factors and those exposed to them and perhaps to integrate PWDs. This review summarises the literature on disability and its relationship with the applied preventive, curative and integrative measures. With the help of questionnaires, interviews, and observations various activities were identified and included immunisation, primary health care, physiotherapy, artificial limbs, rehabilitation services, counseling, special needs education and teachers, and PWD friendly structures, policies which protect their dignity have been formulated and amended, represented in both local councils and in parliament and above all, ensuring equal opportunities among all people irrespective of their differences. In spite of all these endeavours, the projects have not realized their goals to capacity and the study has tried to provide a deeper analysis of the barriers and challenges affecting these efforts. Social challenges seemed to be the core impediments to the managerial process. Social ostracism, complacency of parents when catenng for their CWDs and the community’s attitude that PWDs are interlopers and contemptuous in their own communities were evident. PWDs raised their voices, but seem intoned because the government is still conniving. In a bid to over come all these, a number of recommendations have been made to increase the effectiveness of all stakeholders particularly the planners, actors and the general community that the management process is every body’s concern. Through a social or holistic system, resources spent will be reduced. The need for being platonic to PWDs as the impacts of these interventions are sti[Limperceptible is required too. Saying that PWDs are still interlopers in spite of gleeful interventions, is an axiom.
A Thesis Submitted To The school Of Postgraduate Studies In Partial Fulfillment For The Requirements For The Award Of A Master Of Arts In Project Planning And Management Of Kampala International University.
Disability Management, Interventions, Luweero Town Council