Conceptualizing, and measuring employee performance by examining the antecedents of leadership style, emotional resilience and personality attributes in Kampala Capital City Authority KCCA-Uganda .

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Kampala International University, Directorate of Higher Degrees and Research
The purpose of the study was to explore the influence of emotional resilience, leadership styles on employee performance in the KCCA, with a view to bridge the gaps identified in the previous related literature and empirical study. The study was guided by three objectives, that is, to find outout the influence of emotional resilience (emotional awareness, perseverance, optimism, internal locus of reference, sense of humour) on employee performance, to establish the influence of leadership styles (transactional, democratic, autocratic, consultative) on employee performance and to establish the influence of emotional resilience on leadership styles. This study employed convergent parallel mixed methods design which consists of the collection or analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data in a single study in which the data are collected concurrently or sequentially, are given a priority, and involve the integration of data at one or more stages in the process of research (Kothari, 2004:5). Using the designs from both quantitative and qualitative paradigm helped augment survey and interview data. . Using Pearson correlation coefficient and the interview data the key findings are: emotional reliance was strongly associated with employee performance; a combination of transactional and transformational leadership has strong influence on employee performance; and finally, leadership behaviours are significantly influenced by emotional resilience. The study recommends that KCCA adopts a deliberate structured approach to developing employee emotional resilience and focus on skilling leaders on transactional-transformational behaviours. Certainly more research is needed on the topic.Further studies should be done on an exploration of the relationship between psychological capital, (optimism, self-efficacy, resilience, occupational stress, burnout) and employee engagement.
A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration and Management Of Kampala International University
Employee performance, Leadership styles, Emotional resilience, Personality attributes, Kampala Capital City Authority, KCCA, Uganda