Design and implementation of an information system for a transport company using Visual Basic and Microsoft Access 2003 Case Study: Uganda Taxi Operators and Driver's Association (UTODA

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Kampala International University, School of Computer and Information Technology
This Uganda Taxi Operators and Drivers Association (UTODA) database is developed to show the efficiency of the company to the employees or staff. It's again developed with an aim of enhancing its activities such as file management. The database is involved in access of vital information about the company. Compilation of views from users who get access to use it and this facilitates the decision making process. Hence increasing chances of donors to facilitate the company. Transport In formation System is software that can be used to keep track of the information that is used in a company. A TIS is used to supports accessing the previous repmis, payments of any individual, search for employee's data like name and other propetties etc. In most companies UTODA inclusive, there is increasing complexity and uncertainty, the crucial task for companies, is to improve data storage and customer satisfaction by provision of high quality data and service in the most reliable way. At UTODA, there are reports of poor storage of data, a lot of data redundancy, lack of data integrity, high cost of data maintenance, and higher rate of data dependency and deteriorating data management capability. The cause of this situation has not been exposed, which makes the current study a necessity. Based on the problem stated, the researchers will design and implement a data management system for UTODA in order to solve the current problems. The main objective is to develop and implement a Transpmi Information System to allow data accessibility and sharing of resources in order to reduce the cost of operation that is cmrently faced by UTODA Company. By the end of the study, UTODA will be able to operate a fast and efficient database and hence enjoy the benefits of using a computerized database system which include; reduced cost of operation hence more profits, ability to print better reports, reduced data redundancy, increased data accessibility and sharing.
A project proposal submitted to the School of Computing and Information Technology in Partial Fulfillment for the Award of a Diploma in Computer Science of Kampala International University.
Transport Company, Information System, Design and Implementation, UTODA