The role of media in the coverage of unequal treatment of women in society: A case study of monitor publications

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This study examines the “Role of mass media in covering domestic violence a case study of Monitor publications Uganda” the influence of media messages fighting domestic violence in Uganda. It examined the following objectives which included the role of mass media in combating domestic violence, the causes of domestic violence in Uganda, the mitigation strategies against domestic violence. Respondents were exposed the role of mass media in covering domestic violence. The results show that the mass media has exposed cases and victims of domestic violence in Uganda. Data was collected from a sample of 90 respondents in using self-administered questionnaires and was later analyzed using Pearson correlation coefficient (r). The findings revealed mass media has a positive role in fighting domestic violence in Uganda hence had a positive and significant relationship to curb domestic violence(P=0.000<0.0 I. i=375) the study concluded that majority of the respondents agreed that mass media has a significant relationship curb domestic violence in Uganda. The findings showed that the mass media has contributed to fighting domestic violence through advocating against child labor and early marriages. promoting community sensitization and educative programs, promoting gender mainstreaming, eradicating domestic violence and sexual abuses, promoting women empowerment, promoting women’s right to marriage and divorce and property ownership. Additionally the findings showed that domestic violence is caused by poverty, cultural rigidities, HIV/AIDS, illiteracy and inadequate access to mass media. Basing on the findings it shows the mitigation strategies against domestic violence which include poverty eradication, REV/AIDS prevention. UPE, equal access to social amenities and credit facilities, eradication of gender discrimination, it was recommended that the government should provide free education, vocational education, HIV prevention, and promoting gender mainstreaming.
A research report submitted to the Department of Journalism and Media Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor’s degree of Mass Communication Kampala International University
Media, Unequal treatment of women, Monitor publications