Assessment of Sustainable Eco-Friendly Green Building Structures and Its Promotion in Kampala

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Kampala International University, school of engineering, department of civil engineering
The construction industry consumes about forty percent of the world’s energy. The high increasing rate of construction activities has led to exploitation of most of the natural resources. These activities have led to massive deforestation and clearing of green cover for settlement and infrastructure development in Kampala. The repercussions of these activities are catastrophic such as poor air quality, urban heat island effect, toxic gas emission, increased cooling costs, which later affect people’s health. The study mainly aims at introducing and making aware to the public a technology that can be used to eliminate most if not all the environmental problems listed above. The green roof technology has been in use since the ancient days such as the Babylonian gardens. The green roof technology is currently being used and promoted in most developed countries such as; Germany, USA, Switzerland and Australia as a key component to sustainable development. The main objective of this study is to assess the feasibility of adopting the green roof technology our building in Kampala capital city. Specifically carrying out literature review on major benefits of a green roof, to assess its cost analysis and carrying out a market research for green roof materials. The results of the study were; the green roof has quite a number of benefits such as storm water management, habitat for wild life, noise attenuation, improved air quality, reduction in greenhouse gases. The initial cost of installing a green roof was found to be more expensive than the conventional roof. However, the benefits of the green roof were found to outweigh the initial costs of installation in the long run.
Submitted to The Department of Civil Engineering in Partial Fulfillment for The Award of a Bachelor’s Degrees in Civil Engineering of Kampala International University
Green Building Structures, Sustainable Eco-Friendly Green Building Structures, Green building structures and Its promotion in Kampala