An Investigation On The Relationship Between Fishing And Academic Performance Of Lake shore Schools Inhabitants: A Case Study Of Entebbe Municipality In Wakiso District

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Kampala International University, School of Education, Open and Distance and E-learning
The study focused on “an investigation on the relationship between fishing and academic performance of lakeshore schools inhabitants.” It was based on its objectives namely; to identify the causes of interest in fishing to the secondary school children in Entebbe Municipality, Wakiso district, To find out the effects of fishing activity to the academic performance of secondary school children of lake shore schools in Entebbe Municipality, Wakiso district and lastly suggest way forward for promoting of academic performance in secondary school children of lakeshore schools in Entebbe Municipality, Wakiso district. The study was descriptive in nature. It used a sample size of 90 respondents among which included teachers, students, community members and head teachers. The researcher selected the study respondents using a random sampling technique. Interview and questionnaire methods were used to gather the primary data and documentary review was used for the collection of secondary data. The findings revealed that (majority) 50% reported that lack of parental care, poverty mistreatment, famine and drug abuse are the causes of interest in fishing to the secondary school in Entebbe (See table 3 pg 20). The study found that majority (28.2%) of the local leaders reported that that most of the children leave their home for fishing in order to earn living which attracts more children to be involved in fishing. Others reported that after the death of their parents and guardians most of the children stay alone without any one takes care of them which force them to go for work. This is line with Russell (1983) identified that children suffer a great deal from divorce; they get nervous disorders and various kinds of upsets of one sort or another. They feel that they are living in a dangerous world. Furthermore, he said that it fills them probably first with horror, then with a kind of indifference and later on with an impulse to initiate. The study recommended that strict laws should be undertaken by the government to curb people who take children to work in their estates, strengthening the laws on child labor, parents being responsible for the acts of their children, empowering communities with techniques of identifying street children, designing awareness campaigns and sensitizations and encouraging individuals to fight against street children.
Aresearch Report Submitted To The College Of Education Open, Distance And E-Learning In Apartial Fullfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of Bachelor Of Arts With Education Of Kampala International University.
Investigation, Fishing, Lake shores