Factors contributing to the low cotton production in Kapir Sub-county, Ngora District

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Kampala International University, School of Education
Profit margin refers to the difference between the cost of cost of buying or producing something and the price for which the product is sold, and literacy profit from something is an advantage or benefit from it. In Agricultural production a farmer would like to benefit from the products he or she produce. A farmer becomes motivated and interested in the production when profits are realized but when there is very low or no profit; a farmer seizes production from such an enterprise. The report was done with the aim of finding out the causes for low cotton production and possible measures to reactivate and maximize it’s production in Kapir Sub-County, Ngora district. I investigated on the factors contributing to the low cotton production in Kapir sub county, Ngora district. In order to find out the factors contributing to the low cotton production, the researcher (i) selected more dependable and reliable tools namely:- Questionnaires observation and oral interviews with the respondents. My objectives as a researcher were:- The main was:- To find out the factors contributing to the low cotton production? Specific objectives were:- To find out the causes of low cotton production? To establish possible solution to the low cotton production in Kapir sub-county, Ngora district. Among the farmers, three respondents were randomly selected from each parish, two extension workers (respondent) cooperative assistant and Agricultural assistant in change Kapir Sub-county. V There was selection of the parishes, the four Parishes were selected randomly from the eight parishes namely Akism, Orisai, Kokong; ~Agirigirori,one of the farmers from each parish was interviewed. In my findings as a researcher, I found out that the farmers are faced by problems like:- Shortage of ready market, pests and disease, shortage of capital, lada of pesticides, uncertainties by natural lazards. However, within the limitations of the size and scope of the investigation, the following suggestions were made:- period credit facilities to the farmer like bulls, loans, ox — ploughs, the agricultural department to liase with the cotton development organization to supply the farmer with necessary inputs in time, close supervision and monitoring of farming procedures by extension workers, organise agricultural workshops.
A research report submitted to the department of open, distance and e-learning in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a bachelor’s degree of arts with education in Kampala International University