Parents’ late payment of school fees and its implication to the functioning of institutions. a case study of selected secondary schools in Kasambya sub county - Mubende district

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Kampala international international : College of Education,Open and distance, E- learning
The study was intended mainly to investigate the effects of late payment of school fees on functioning of institutions in selected secondary schools in Kasambya Sub County Mubende district. From the study, the causes of late payment of school fees in secondary schools were high poverty levels within area of study , students behaviors’ , high cost of living, wide spread of unemployment among people living in area of study , family status (single parents ). All these factors contributed to improper functioning of institutions concerning reduced students concentration in classes, high degree of absenteeism among students, inadequate syllabus coverage, delayed payments of teachers’ salaries, stress and frustration among school administers and teachers among others. The researcher used observation tool, administration of questionnaires and interviews to sampled students, teachers, head teachers, no teaching staff and parents when collecting and recording data and information. The study therefore recommended that parents should have positive attitude towards education especially of girls, parent’s school practice diversification of economic activities and stop relying on only agriculture as source of income , they should also have to secure student soft loans from financial institutions in order to pay school fees in appropriate time period students should be counseled about their behaviors as some parents tend to delay in payment of school fees for students who are miss behaved student should also be taught how of handle money given to them to be forwards to school heads as some students do not hand it to school authorities in time and some do not totally hand it.
A dissertation submitted to college of education open distance and learning in partial fulfillment for award of bachelor’s degree of science with education of Kampala International University
Parents, Late payment, School fees, Institutions, Mubende district