School based factors and teacher effectiveness in selected government aided secondary schools in Arua District, Uganda

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Kampala International University , College of Education, Open & Distance Learning
Most Education professional agree that one of the most important factors for the promotion of learning in a school situation is the teacher who does his work in the school by interacting with students, colleagues, the school administrators and parents. The teacher also uses school facilities in the execution of their duties in order to be effective in their duties. The major problem this research has attempted to address is whether a relationship exists between school based factors and the effectiveness of the teacher. A teacher who is effective improves on the academic achievement of the students. It would be of paramount importance to have very effective teachers in schools. The research was basically a Descriptive Correlational study of the relationship between school based factors and the effectiveness of teachers in some selected Government Aided secondary schools in Arua District. The investigation has used both qualitative and quantitative approach. The qualitative approach has been used to describe the researcher’s observations during the survey. The major finding in this study is that there seems to be a high level of correlation between the reviewed schools based factors and the effectiveness of the teacher. The major school based factors that have been looked at are limited to school level organization and leadership (school administration), availability and utilization of resources, student discipline and student attitude towards studies. Teachers seem to be more effective in an environment where school facilities are adequate; students are disciplined and have interest in learning and where the school administration is supportive of the needs of the teachers. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all the stakeholders of schools to ensure that these factors are in place for our academic achievement among the students can begin to improve.
A Dissertation Presented to the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Education in Educational Management
Teacher effectiveness, Government aided secondary schools