An evaluation on the guidance and counseling services of Moi Institute of technology Migori District, Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
Counseling as a process that involves listening to people talk about their problems and helping them work out solutions for these problems. In the process the counselor guides and counsels in making alternative choice to either cope or over come the problems on looking at Africa tradition Counseling, was a process where a counselor or advisor utilized insight and values drown from the rich Africa wisdom and culture heritage as informed by worldview.The purpose of this study is to establish the efficiency of guidance and counseling services in technical institutions.This research explored whether Guidance and Counseling programs is in place in technical institutions in Kisii and Migori districts and its impact towards students performance and morals. Dependent variables included : funds to buy materials and equipments, Subject specialization of teachers ,availability of rooms in the compounds, Sensitization of students, teachers and the Ministry of Education. Independent Variable that affect Guidance and Counseling Services included :Trained teachers. attitude of students.,dual duties of Guidance and Counseling teachers. The descriptive survey method was adopted to conduct the study questionnaires were utilized to collect the data .Majority of the students were aged between 18-20 years (56.3 %) and they were either in second ( 40.6%) or third ( 40.6%) year of study. Additionally they were mainly males (57.8%).Most of the respondents suggested that there is no guidance and counseling office (68.8%) but where it existed the respondents disagree (39.1 %) or strongly disagree (18.8%) with the location of guidance and counseling office. Most of the respondents say that there.Respondents attending the guidance and counseling office majority have academic (35.9%) or drug (26.6%) abuse problems.Maj'ority of personnel running the office of guidance and counseling were peer counselors (68.8%).The government of Kenya should allocate more bursaries to enable students learn .Majority of teachers who carry out guidance and counseling activities are untrained hence the government should develop a scheme of training or employment of more qualified teachers.
A research project submitted to the Institute of Continuing and Distance Studies of Kampala International University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Award of the Degree of Bachelor of Education Science
Guidance, Counselling