Voice over internt protocol adoption in Rukara College of education, Eastern Province, Kayonza District, Rwanda.

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the adoption of VoIP in Rukara College at a greater rate and at the same time find out the reasons for the slower adoption of VoIP. To determine the level of performance and efficiency of the existing technology in Rukara College, Rwanda, to determine the level of performance and efficiency of VoIP in Rukara college, Rwanda, to determine if there is significance difference between the existing technology and the proposed one. There study employed descriptive research design as well as quantitative and qualitative research designs were used to describe data collected from the field, Research Population of about 2140, 140 staff members and 2000 students. For staff members, this included both teaching and non teaching staff, The researcher Used the sloven’s formula to compute the sample size, were by 42 staff members were selected as a sample from 70 staff members while 119 students as a sample were selected from 200 students, Sampling Procedure, Random sampling procedure was used since all members had equal chances and the Research Instrument and the tools used for collecting data from the respondents were personal questionnaires which were designed touching on every objective of the study. The conclusion was based on research objectives, analysis and interpretation of individual views on all problems associated with PSTN that are categorically summarized in percentages like, PSTN signals not enough where more than 70% said that PSTN signals were not good enough, on Inter-communication inefficient more that 80% said was so inefficient, also more than 8O% said that the monthly charges make it expensive due to monthly revenues collected from the collage. Regulatory authorities since the authorities are state agencies incorporated VoIP with PSTN and regulated both of them as a way of giving a chance to institutions bit academic or business enterprises to asses, adopt and utilize the benefits a better technology since it is the state that gets revenue
A research thesis presented to the Higher Degrees and Search International University Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master Of Science in Information Systems
Internt protocol, Adoption, Voice, Kayonza District, Rwanda