Pmtct- plus learning site management information system a case of mukujju sub-county tororo district

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Kampala International University,School of Computing and Information Technology
The evolving pattern shift resulting from IT, social and technological changes has created a need for developing an innovative knowledge based healthcare system, which can effectively meet global healthcare system demands and also cater for future trends, PMTCT- plus learning site management information system (MIS) is developed with this sole aim in mind, which helps in processing and management of health center information not only inside the boundary, but also beyond the health center boundary, for example, telemedicine or e-healthcare. The purpose of this project therefore was to design and develop (automate) a functional MIS for Mukujju Health Center, which could efficiently satisfy the current and future needs (system and user requirements). The MIS was developed in a context, wherein users could share and use the system more effectively either on a network or as a standalone. The designed system is fully compatible with future technical, social, managerial and economical requirements. The developed system reveals the inefficiencies of the existing manual system and gives the scope on how this can be overcome and transformed into a better system. The study gives the background, literature review, methodology, system study and implementation of the research project. The information system developed is to provide data security, storage, speed and independence. The system has been developed using Visual Basic for graphical user interfaces and Microsoft Server for database. This provides a graphical user friendly interface. An evaluation and conclusion are also given in the report and recommendations made to the current and future trend of the health Management Information System.
A project report submitted to the School of Computer Studies for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a Degree of Bachelors of Computer Science of Kampala International University
Pmtct- plus learning, site management, information system, Tororo district