Challenges facing regular teachers' teaching learners with physical handicap in regular schools in Kamukunji Division, Nairobi Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The study is based on the challenges that the regular teachers face while teaching learners with physical handicaps. Physical handicap is a condition which makes it difficult for a person to move or manipulate the physical environments. These conditions covers a wide range from the mild degree of clumsiness to severe degree where a person is in a wheel chair and needs a lot of help. The researcher used the quantitative approach whereby the standardized tools and numelical data were used to explore the traits and situations. The data collected was analyzed using statistical methods whereby the results were interpreted to give the conect meaning of the study. There were ten pmiicipants who were involved and the main target were the regular primm·y school teachers. The findings showed that most of the respondents have these learners with special needs in their regular classes but they are faced with problems in handling them. Therefore, to improve and maintain the educational standards of learners with special needs in education the government should train more teachers on Special Needs Education so as to be equipped with the knowledge on how to handle learners with special needs.
A research report submitted to the Institute Of Open And Distance Learning in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Award Of the Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Arts) Of Kampala International University
Teaching learners, Physical handicap, Nairobi Kenya