People's Perception on Civil War and Children's Education in Northern Uganda: The case of P Abbo Internally Displaced Camp, Gulu District.

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning.
The study Investigated People's perception on Civil War and Children's Education in northern Uganda. The study had specific objectives among which were:- (1 )To examine the effect of the civil war on children access to enrollment in Pabbo IDP camp. (2)To assess the effect of the civil war on children's retention in schools in Pabbo IDP camp. (3)To investigate the effect of the civil war on school management in Pabbo IDP camp. The study was carried out in Pabbo IDP camp, Gulu District. The study involved 50 respondents and key informants. The study was descriptive in nature. Data analysis was done manually. The study found out that: - (i) Enrolment of children was negatively constrained by abduction of children. (ii)The UPE programme in Uganda has no effect on the enrolment of children with disability. (iii)The study denies that there is equity of access to primary. (iv) Children retention in school was negatively influenced by the low financial activities and environment. (v) The management of school is paralyzed by the insurgency. (vi)There is a significant gap in early childhood education programme. It was along these findings that certain recommendations were made : (1) - The Ugandan ministry of education work with the districts and sub districts in the north, as well as the communities, to provide funds for the "Extras" that keep children out of school .. (3) - Supply of trained teachers should be rapidly increased to cope with the demand for quality education in IDP camp.
A thesis presented to the School of Post Graduate Studies Kampala International University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree Master of Education in Religious Studies.
Children's Education, Civil War, People's Perception, Northern Uganda