Leadership skills and efficiency of Local Government service delivery in Bosaso District- Puntland-Somalia

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
This study was set out to establish the extract to which leadership skills and efficiency of local government service delivery in Bosaso district — Puntland — Somalia, specifically the study wanted to establish the effect of (i) profile of the respondent (ii) level of leadership (iii) level of service delivery (iv) whether there is a significant difference in the level of leadership skills and level of service delivery (v) whether there is a significant relationship in the level of leadership skills and level of service delivery in Bosaso local government in Puntland Somalia. The study used a survey design; specifically descriptive correlation and descriptive comparative; data was collected from 137 respondents using self-administrated questionnaires as the key data collection instrument. Data were analyzed at univariate level using frequency counts and summary statistics and Pearsons Linear Correlation Coefficient at bi-variate level, there was also low level of service delivery. the study findings revealed that there was a low level of leadership skills, because There are lot things which contributed the failure of leadership on service delivery, like lack of leadership training, corruption, inadequate salaries or wages, nepotism, lack of knowledge of information technology, there was also low level of service delivery, the level of leader ship skills and service delivery is significantly correlated and there is good relationship between them. This research is very important in an effort to maximize the use of human resource in Bosaso local government administration in effective delivery of services. It was help the district personnel department to give employees constructive performance appraisal feedback that was motivate them to effectively deliver service in the sub country. However to empower local communities to take charge of their affairs through local institutions of self-governance and resource mobilization, the decentralization program in Puntland state of Somalia is expected to build democratic government structures that are responsive and accountable to the public, and promote capacity building at the local level.
A thesis presented to collage of higher degree and research Kampala International University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master on Public Administration and Management
Leadership skills, Local Governments, Service delivery, Puntland-Somalia