The relevance of copyright law to Ugandan music industry in curbing infringement Tatwebwa Eriab

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
This study focuses on assessing the relevance of copyright law to Ugandan musicians. Despite the government efforts in enacting and facilitating the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act 2006, its relevance and enforcement has remained unclear due to the negative public attitudes towards its poor implementation. The study focuses on such attitudes, Infringement acts, its causes, challenges faced by enforcement agencies and to propose strategies and ways to improve its usage and relevancy in its role to protect the musicians ' rights. Findings the study are targeting to discover whether the copyright laws in Uganda have been relevant and adequate enough to protect the owners of copyright and related rights against infringement. The emphasis of this research come from the fact that ve1y few musicians make a worth-while income from sales of their music in different channels,' this seems to be attributed to music infringement which remains a living night mare for many artists in Uganda. The World Intellectual Property Organization and Member states have devised a legal regime that would afford the protection of artists to realize from thefts of their labour. While in some developed countries, tremendous achievements have been realized, like in America and European countries, however the story seems to change in Uganda since piracy /infringement seems to be still a reality that threatens to be with us for many years to come as pirated music is found in Uganda everywhere on streets o.f Kampala. This research will seek to examine the relevance of copyright law in curbing infringement in the music industry and reasons why infringement seems to be on the rise despite the law being enacted. The research will be considering these problems while trying to come up with practical solutions to help the state perform its duty to protect the rights of the musicians, thus the measures to improve on the copyright law enforcement in different ways and its implementation methods in order to enhance its usage and relevancy and create awareness about infringement and its emerging legal issues by. Finding credible long term and short term solutions to such problems as may be discovered
A research report submitted to the faculty of law in partial fulfillment for the a ward of a bachelor’s degree in laws of Uganda in Kampala international University
Intellectual property, Copyright law, Music industry, curbing infringement, Ugandan