Impact of soil erosion on agricultural productivity in Uganda: a case study of Nyadri Sub-County, Arua District

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Kampala International University, School of engineering and applied science
This study establishes the effect of soil erosion on agricultural activities in Nyadri Sub-County, Arua District, North Western Uganda. The research objectives included establishing the evident forms of soil erosion in the sub-county, main causes of soil erosion in the sub-county and ways in which soil erosion affects agricultural production in the area. The Research was conducted in the four parishes of Nyadri Sub-county and it was carried out in a period of three months. The literature review in this study formed basis from different theories and doncepts hence making the whole work easily understood. In the research methodology, the study employed descriptive design where both qualitative and quantitative approaches were employed and the study population consisted of the local councilors, students, sub-count administrators, NGO workers, farmers and 80 respondents were sampled through random sampling and purposive sampling. Both questionnaire and interview methods were used to collect data and the researcher followed all the research procedures on ground besides respecting all the ethical and logistical considerations of research. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were also used to analyze data. The findings reveal that the incidence of soil erosion at the Sub-county is rampant and both human induced and natural factors are responsible for soil erosion in the sub-county. There was also an indication that soil erosion is disastrous to both crop farming and animal farming in the area. The researcher therefore recommends that inter-sectora] approaches involving all stakeholders be taken to prevent further damages of environment and help to restore the land that already been degraded.
A research report presented to the Department of Environmental Management in partial fulfilment of the requirements for award of the Degree of Bachelor Degree of Science in Environmental Management of Kampala International University
Soil erosion, Agricultural productivity, Uganda, Nyadri Sub-County, Arua District