Managerial competence and success of humanitarian-based Nongovernmental Organizations projects in Mogadisho, Somalia

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Kampala International University(KIU)
Ultimately, the success of each project is evaluated by the level at which it attains its goals and objectives.Essential for this attainment are project leaders with key managerial competencies to understand, share, and communicate project mandates with others. The purpose in this descriptive research was to investigate the effects of managerial competencies on project success. This descriptive research was conducted in Mogadishu, Somalia among 5 humanitarian based Non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The sample included 115 respondents. A questionnaire was used to identify the characteristics and ideas. The regression tests demonstrated that project leaders' managerial competencies had a significant effect on the success of projects. Project leaders who have been well oriented in terms of managerial competencies due to their experience at work, will have the opportunity to ascend in the hierarchy in project management, and thereby be confronted with more challenging and interesting tasks and endowed with different responsibilities to oversee the success of humanitarian based projects in their NGOs. The research outcomes are imp011ant for informed managerial decision making that enables the minimization of project failure.
Project Management, Project Planning, Somalia, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)