An investigation of the challenges facing the mentally impaired learners in special units in Chuka division Meru/south district Kenya’

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Kampala International University. College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The study v~s “An inves~iyacion ofth~ cht ller~,esfgJn~ t~e ~nto11y i. ç~ai~eJ 1ea~ zers In speckI vnIt~ i C !k~ dIv~sIot, 2 ~rn~orth disLrIct Ke~a ‘~ The resea~eh ~ias ca2:ied out thosgh ~ ~doi i s~~~pling due te the Ih~ ~te~ ~e q ~t~th~s ~ eollea &~a shiee they con he 50.12 ~ o~s~ uce rspoceca~s The ese& t fi Jj11g5 showed tact the ~ es Afi tie ~al al Ilcegee ft~w ceve~a1 ~uhA s ~ ticS 1ZaL; ther sueds. The teses char pat aesoss a a ue~ dad i a ut u:g fi ~ special t~aifling for t~th~s tiho ~e’ anita ~ f e escn~alIj is iiea~.-d I ~s as a ditae~dited cutical a fec acecessfu~ has ~si of asastally cease god lea uce~, Aw&e ti. shuuid also be aea~esl tu parests, Ie~ ~s’ as a ~eash&s al 02 ha ~o cLa~e the iecg~tive altit oas to a ~e i noes ha it naP Ci a let gee Son e ceuse oh nan tal a leege ca i ~as avotded to~2e’ ~e asim~s. hecestailj challenged aceas,
Special Needs Education, Education