Ethical practices and financial management on organizational performance. a case study of Kenya ports Authority Mombasa

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Kampala International University,College of Economics and Management
The research was conducted at Kenya Ports Authority Company which is situated along the Kilindini road in Mombasa. The general objective of the study was to establish the relationship of ethical practices and financial management on organizational performance. The other objectives of the research were to find the roles ethical practices play in financial management and also to come up with recommendations for effective ethical practices under the financial management on organizational performance. In the literature review, theories were used to support the study and concepts linked and analyzed to bring a conceptual framework. In the research methodology, the study employed a simple descriptive statistical correlation design since it wanted to establish the relationship among the three variables. A sample size of 80 participants (20 managers and 60 employees) respondents was chosen from a population of 800 staff using purposive sampling and 80 clients were interviewed using the convenient sampling technique. The total sample size added up to 160 respondents. The findings of the study reveal that ethical practices is highly practiced in the financial management of Kenya Ports Authority and maximum emphasis has been put abreast of developments in its field to increase on its perfoimance. It therefore concluded that ethical practices and financial managem~nt enhances organizational performance to a greater extent. Moreover, the study recommended that business managers should develop the necessary ethical practices and considerations in the financial department to achieve sufficient comfort level from the stakeholders as well as maximum profit levels.
A thesis submitted to the School of Post Graduate Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of the Degree of Masters of Business Administration of Kampala International University
Ethical, Management, Financial, Perfomance