Supply Chain Management and Competitiveness of a Firm A case study of Ntake Bakery Company Limited.

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2011-05, 2011-05
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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management Sciences
Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management Sciences
SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT AND COMPETITIVENESS OF A FIRM BY KAKONGE KENNETH DEPARTMENT OF PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT. After noticing certain constraints like inconsistent quality, poor customer service, poor terms of delivery and escalating costs prevalent at Ntake Bakery Company, with the presence of supply chain management, a study was taken up to establish the relationship between supply chain management and competitiveness of a firm. The first objective was to identify the major supply chain performance driver that can in tum provide solutions to the constraints if good decisions about them are made. The major drivers found include, facilities, transportation sourcing, pricing, information and inventory. Decisions about these have an influence on all the constraints and the overall competitiveness of the firm as most of the responses from the respondents suggested. Our second objective was to find out the indicators of competitiveness of a firm with an aim of helping the firm see its position in its competitive environment which indicates the rate at which the fi1m will !ly to prevent and provide solutions to the above constraints. The indicators found out include, imitation attempts by competitors, firm's cost structure, brand recognitions by customers, market share and the firm's core competence. According to the responses these factors were found to be valid indicators that a firm can look at to judge its position. The relationship between supply chain management and competitiveness of & firm will also be established and it will be found that it's really a strong one, meaning that the supply chain management will have great influence on a firm's competitiveness. All this work will be covered in five chapters of introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion and interpretation of findings and conclusion and recommendation.
A research report submitted to the School of Business and Management in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Bachelor's Degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management of Kampala International University.
Supply Chain Management, Competitiveness, Ntake Bakery Company Limited, Uganda