Consequence and effectiveness of Kenya -Somalia border closure in Mandera East District-of Kenya

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2009, 2009
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Kampala International University(KIU)
Kampala International University(KIU)
he study is a descriptive exploratory case study that aims to establish the reasons for the Kenya- Somalia border closure. It will also establish the consequences and the effectiveness of the border closure in Mandera and Beled Hawa towns respectively in Kenya and Somalia. Lawlessness, insecurity and anarchy are the order of the day in Somalia. This insecurity has extended to Kenya due to proliferation of arms, entry of illegal immigrants and smuggling of goods. Kenya having been bombed twice by ten-orist; 1998 and 2002 is averse to Islamists groups such as Al-Shabab that controlled areas close to Kenya border hence it closed its border to guard its national security. The study involved different target groups such as DC Beled Hawa DO Mandera Central Division, Alien students; Immigration Officers, Community Based Organizations, NGO's, Headteachers, Business Community, Residents of Mandera and Beled Hawa and a total of 228 respondents were involved. And questionnaires, interview schedules and Focused Group Discussion was used to get data from the respondents. The data was analyzed using qualitative and quantitative research methods. The findings were that the border closure affected the business community, students and the residents of the two countries, Kenya and Somalia as there was a lot that they were interdependent on such as food and fuel from Somalia, while Somalia got tea leaves, mattresses, plastic items, education, humanitarian supplies and referral for medical treatment and surgery at the Mandera District Hospital or other private clinics in Mandera .. The study reconunends the reopening of the border to alleviate the suffering of the people and use other methods to address the issue of insecurity instead.
Kenya-Somalia Border, Intra-State Conflicts, Eastern Region Conflict, Insecurity