Impact of foreign aid on poverty reduction in selected urban areas of Mogadishu, Somalia

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Since there has been a lot of foreign aid to Somalia and most of this aid directed to urban population, poverty levels remain to be high. The research was based on a sample size of 242 respondents; the samples were randomly selected from Xamarwayne, Hodan and Wardhiigley. The sample age was between 5 up to above 65 years, 115 male and 127 Female. All the respondents were ethnic Somalis. The researcher was use both quantitative and qualitative approaches in data collection, however, quantitative method of data collection was dominate or was be largely used in the collection of data because it is more accurate in terms of data collection and yet again more reliable in terms of research results. The researcher used probability sampling method and in particular stratified sampling. In probability of being selected; divided the population into sub populations such that elements within these sub populations were homogeneous. Then selected a simple random sample independently from each sub population. Data was obtained using self-administered questionnaires containing indicators on each research question. Data obtained was presented and analyzed in tables and charts. Despite large amount of foreign Aid being channeled to these areas, the poverty levels are still generally high as compared to other cities in Africa. Motility rates are at 60%, Nutritional levels at 52%. Though above average but they are still relatively low. School enrollment 38%, Years of schooling 43%. Most household rely on Dung, charcoal and wood for cooking 93%. Household with electricity 24%. More than one; phones 79%, Television I 5%. Radio 30% and Telephone I 5%. Urban areas of Mogadishu have been receiving foreign Aid on Large scale, yet there are minimal changes on the poverty index. Military Aid has been the most visible Aid playing a role in poverty reduction. Development Aid; which is expected to have a greater impact on poverty level, is not causing any meaningfully impact. Humanitarian Aid has played a considerable role hut it’s mainly upkeep and sustainability of lives, its impact on poverty index is minimal
A dissertation presented to the College of Higher Degrees and Research in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a degree of Master of International relation and Diplomacy
Foreign aid, Poverty reduction, Urban areas, Mogadishu, Somalia