Design and implementation of database management system for motor spare parts dealer

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Kampala international international: School of computing and Information technology
A computerized database management system for motor spare parts dealers is very useful for carrying out motor spare parts transactions. It can make the work for dealer administrators easier since the system is systematic than using the manual system. In addition, it can improve the time efficiency and provides user friendly environment and paperless. To plan, design, implement and evaluate a computerized database management system for motor spare parts dealers system, which will ensure an efficient and effective management of for motor spare parts information and data. When we first chose the topic of our project, we had to determine how we were to carry out the task. We drew up a time-line, discussed about the programming language to use to carry out the task, how the GUI and also to make sure we did the right thing. We finally settled for Visual Basic (VB) as our programming language. We got more information on what we were to do and set about completing our task. Our task is to develop a computerized motor spare parts system that would keep a record of motor spare parts.
A research project report submitted in partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the a ward of a Bachelors degree of information technology Kampala international university
Information technology, Database management system, Motor spare parts dealer