An Electronic Records and Document Management System for Health services (A case study of Mulago Hospital Archives)

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Kampala international international: College Humanities and Social Sciences
Mulago Hospital has adopted new technologies that promise to provide significant cost savings and productivity improvements. A by-product of the adoption of this new technology is that business transactions and business decisions are being made electronically. Business records are being created, disseminated and stored in electronic format. The use of these new technologies has improved Mulago 's capacity to respond to customer queries and has generally reduced the time required to conduct a business transaction. The adoption of the new technologies has also resulted in a change in the nature of business records. Mulago Hospital has yet to implement processes to ensure that evidence of these business decisions and transactions is properly managed. Failure to implement adequate records management controls now, will result in exposure to litigation, and loss of productivity as employees struggle to find information they need in order to do their work. This document proposes the implementation of comprehensive electronic recordkeeping processes and systems to ensure that electronic business evidence at Mulago Hospital is properly managed. Mulago Hospital uses a manual system for storing, managing and classifying there records in the hospital which makes the search for patient's records very difficult and takes a lot time, most of the records in Mulago Hospital are stored in stores where they can easily be damaged and the security is not that good. A person can easily walk into the store and get the file, this makes the patients file to be in real quandary. The system is so exasperating as a person has to spend a lot of time looking for a person’s file and at times records may not be traced because they are so many and in bulk. Thus a need for an Automated Records and Document management system that will be able to manage all the records in the Hospital, this system will be able to capture data, register all patients records in the database, make searching easier, generate reports for patients, provide security to the records and patients will able to have access to their records within seconds, handle all electronic documents in the Hospital to mention.
A graduation Project Report submitted to the Department of Mass Communication as a Partial fulfillment for the award of Bachelors of Mass communication of Kampala International University
Mass communication, Electronic Records, Document Management System, Health services, Mulago Hospital Archives