Factors affecting the performance of English language in lira municipality. a case study of Adekokwok Sub-County, Lira District

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Kampala International University, School of Education
The study attempts to investigate and explain the poor performance of English Language. A case study of Adekokwok Sub-county, Lira District. The main objective of the research is to identify the factors affecting the performance of English language in primary schools. The study is to be conducted both quantitatively and qualitatively and it will involve headteachers, teachers and pupils. The quantitative techniques which involve use of semi structured questionnaires and the qualitative techniques shall be used in the in-depth interview schedules. Focus group discussion and observation guides shall also be used. The data shall be coded and variables for tabulations shall be identified to guide the computer analyst, the data shall be analyzed using the statistical package for social scientist (SPSS). Computer packages to give tabulation of percentages, frequencies and commutations. 147 females and 147 males shall be interviewed in! this research and these include headteacher, District Education Officer, teachers, pupils, parents and local community the findings further shall reveal the factors affecting the performance of English language in rural primary schools.
A research project submitted to the college of open and distance learning as a partial fulfillment for the requirement of the Award of a Bachelor Degree of Education of Kampala International University
Performance, English language