An assessment of academic performance in primary mathematics of Kamariny zone, Keiyo District of Kenya a research report presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree in Bachelor of Education

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Kampala International University,College of Education
Kamariny zone is in Kamariny division of Keiyo district in Rift Valley Province of Kenya. There has been a successive decline of mathematics performance in this Kamariny academic zone year —in-year-out for the last five years. Researchers have been silent over this deterioration yet mathematics stems key combinations for secondary, higher academic courses and the day to day social-economic activities of the community. If mathematics performance continues deteriorating it implies that the country will not effectively participate and succeed in modern technology as either a potential consumer or producer. The objectives of the study were to investigate, analyze and determine the assessment and academic performance of mathematics in Kamariny zone. Study guide and questionnaires to respondent for acquiring information were given to 4 Head teachers, pupils, zonal inspector, centre tutor (TAC Tutor), 10 parents and any literate persons were served with questionnaires. The non-literate persons were verbally interviewed using the interview guides for facilitating the required information. Other specimen from the study environment were photocopied or extracted with the institutions agreements. Collected data was analyzed using frequency tables, graphs and written recommendation. The findings of this study have clearly confirmed that mathematics has been poorly performed in the zone in comparison with other subjects assessed in all levels I-Ill, IVVII and VIII. Mathethatics at national level assessment KCPE was the least scored 53.35% compared to science which was 55.49%. When compared for the five years from 2002-2006performance has been reducing yearly from 63% in2002 to 53.35% in2006. Exams are set locally within the school, zonal level, divisional, district and national level and managed within the same. The frequency of administering these examinations differs in each school increasing from lower and highest being in class VIII. The majority of the parents are farmers who are 55%, employed 25%, business or self- employed 17% and others 3%. Assessment is an important core instrument which patrols promising development of learning in schools, Kamariny zone and Kenya at large . Assessment should then be fully facilitated in line with the learning objectives and education goals in
A research report presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree in Bachelor of education
Academic performance, Primary, Keiyo District, Kenya