Formal Training of Guidance and Counseling Teachers and the Quality of counseling of Students in Secondary Schools: A case Of Sabasaba Education Zone, Makuyu Division, Murang' A South District Central Province Kenya

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree of science with education
The concerns and arguments for guidance and counseling in secondary schools and the quality of the students behavior performance has been on decline for several years. The number of guidance and counseling teachers is very low in secondary schools. It is against this bad behavior of students shown by the number of increased riots, drop outs, delinquency and truancy amongst secondary school students that the researcher set out to investigate whether there was a relationship between the students behavior and the lack of professional and guidance teachers. The researcher endured to get rid of these undesirable behaviors on students and reduce the number of riots truancy, moral decadence and possibly increase competition of secondary education by both boys and girls. The researcher uses a sample size of 90 respondents from 5 schools (45 students and 45 teachers.). These were randomly sampled for research purposes where written questionnaires and oral interviews were used to obtain the responses. The study made several findings that the education system has no option but to tackle the area of guidance and counseling by providing qualified guidance and counseling to secondary schools and provide other resources that will facilitate guidance and counseling. Problems for which students seek guidance and counseling for a clearly identified in this research. The problems in most secondary schools regarding guidance and counseling have also been captured clearly in the researchers. Suggestions on how improvements on guidance and counseling have also been sighted in the document. The researcher has sighted recommendations on what the schools and the government must do so as to succeed in eliminating the numerous riots and contain the indiscipline so as to bring a responsible adults for the success of the Kenyan Nation.
A Research Report Submitted To the Institute Of Open and Distance Learning In Partial Fulfillment of the Award of the Bachelor Degree in Education Science Kampala International University
Training of Guidance and Counseling, Murang' A South District Central Province Kenya