Telecommunication companies and socio-economic development in Puntland state of Somalia: case study -Golis Telecommunication Company

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Kampala International University,College of Economics and Management
The study on the “Telecommunication Companies and Socio-Economic Development” was carried out in Puntland State of Somalia, with specifc aims of; examining the role of telecommunication company; in improving people’s standard of living; creation of employment and in improvement of health and education. A review of related literature was carried out on already existing information on the specific aims of this study as a way of comprehending the problem as well as enriching and supplementing the study findings. This was through quantitative and qualitative research designs under which questionnaires and interviews were administered to a sample of 40 respondents who were both randomly and purposively selected. It was established that, the telecommunication company has improved people’s standards of living through; improving their business performances, getting people closer to each other irrespective of distance, promoting enhancement of research, improving market opportunities, creation of awareness, improved on the use and application of science and improving the people’s ability to save. In addition to this the telecommunication company has created jobs such as; recruiting on merit, building capacities of the young people, direct and indirect job creation and developing ICT while in the health and education sectors, the company has paved way for; Corporate social responsibility; enabled on-line courses; provided scholarships construction of schools and health centers, donated computers as well as rehabilitated children. The study concluded that, although the company has created employment avenues, it should avoid duplication of roles and focus on economically sustaining jobs. In addition to this, beside playing a corporate social responsibility role companies should take initiative to raise awareness on the possible shortfalls of the systems and on top of this, should develop a policy of raising awareness on crime detection to its users. x The study recommends; opening more lines for telecommunication for wider outreach; projects should be inclusive in nature; develop an implementation base linked to local problems; demonstrate how telecommunication can transform the education and health sectors; devise means to protect users against hackers; Advising telecommunication users on possible shortfalls that may erupt; Conduct facilitation and research for profile building; diversification of projects; identifying rivals; need for company to know about the size of its potential market; implementation of a guided participatory action research
A research report submitted to the faculty of economics and applied statistics in partial fulfilment for the requirements of the award of bachelor’s degree in economics of Kampala International University
Socio-economic, Development, Punti land, Somalia