The effects of computer studies on academic performance of secondary school students: a case study of Kapsabet Zone, Nandi District- Kenya.

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Kampala International University.College of Education
This study is about effect computer science on education in seconda;y schools in Kapsabet zone, Nandi District Kenya. It was carried out in Kapsabet high school, Nandi Girls and Kapsabet Mixed High School. Through the research it was established computer studies have great effect on education. Research showed that there is an explosion of knowledge the world over which has brought about multiple uses of computer for various purposes such as storage of ieformation, management of production and manufacturing processes among others. Education depends on efficient handling of information and has been regarded as the key in social and economic mobility. It was established that there was great need and interest in computer stuclies, though most schools were not equipped with computer facilities. Most respondents (65%) agreed that the few computers they have are always put to use and those who do not own any have to seek for those services elsewhere. They also expressed the need that computer should be taught in schools. Most of the respondents (65%) confirmed that they were not well acquainted with the computer operation. It was also observed that co_mputer scie_nce is relevant to the field of education and others. It was discovered that respondents were fully aware of computer applications. All respondents (I 00%) mentioned various applications known to them such as information storage, management, control and production. 90% of the respondents believed that the use of computer was widespread and will keep on increasing as development and knowledge increases on every front in the world. Therefore for effective decision-making, i1iformation has to be managed effectively; and this can be achieved if students are provided with training in computer operation and application. This is a machine that will affect their lives and be more used more in every sphere of their lives at home, school and work places. Since Kenya is a growing economy, it needs education irfrastructure to be established to support computer studies in schools and tertiary institutions. As confirmed by the education officer in the research, it is the students', the schools' and the governments' responsibility to realize that computer science is fundamental to education and development. Therefore they do well to support the program for greater educational and national development.
Research report submitted to the Faculty of Education in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of a bachelor of Arts with Education of Kampala International University
Computer, Studies, Academic performance, Secondary school, Students, Kenya.