Factors affecting learning in primary schools in Kenya Thika District.

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
A descriptive survey was undertaken lo examine the factors for learning in primary schools. It was conducted in Ruiru educational zone in Thika district. The following objectives guided the study. To examine the educational policies that affected learning in primary schools; to examine the school based/actors that influenced learning in prima,y schools and lo examine the home based factors that affect learners in primary schools. A questionnaire was designed and distributed to 50 teachers ,vho had been randomly selected Ji-om the 20 schools in Ruiru educational zone. Findings showed that the policy of cost sharing was affecting the learners in that they came fi'om poor families and their parents could not afford to pay for their educational requirements such as uniforms. This was therefore negatively affecting them. It was also established that the children lacked proper fc1ci/itation in schools in terms of classrooms and educational equipment. This was therefore killing their motivation to study. Findings also discovered that children were being pertained at home because the parents wanted these children to fetch money so that the rest of the family can feed It was recommended that government embark on the initiative of reconciling its educational policies. That the teacher be involved in making curriculum materials that could help cater for all government take strict measures against the parents that many of their children.
A research report presented to the institute of open and distance learning as a partial Fulfillment for the a ward of Bachelor of Education in Kampala International University
Learning, Primary schools, Kenya