To establish factors that hinder development of educational programmes for the mentally handicapped in Kayole Zone- Nairobi a Special Atudy Paper

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Kampala International University.College of Education
This study took cognizance of the fact that the development of educational programmes for the mentally handicapped have been hindered by several factors. Awareness creation among the various stakeholders on these problems would lead to the solutions with the aim of finally improving on these programmes. The survey research method was used with three different questionnaires as the tools for quantitative data collection. The number of participants (respondents) were thirty out of which fifteen were special education teachers, fourteen parents of the mentally handicapped children in Mwangaza and Unity primary schools with special units and one Education Assessment Resource Center (EARC) co-ordinator. The major research findings were that there were only two units for the mentally handicapped in Kayole Zone. The level of awareness about mentally handicapped by the community was found to be still very low and facilities were not adequate. The research also revealed that the need for training more special education teachers was necessary. The core recommendations included the need to establish more special education programmes and more awareness campaigns.
Research report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree in special needs education, Kampala International University. Kampala Uganda
Development, Educational, Programmes, Mentally, Handicapped