Effectiveness of the juvenile justice system: a case study of Nakawa Division

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Kampala International University, School of Law
This research work is centering mainly on the psychological development of the juveniles and how they are treated by the law. Much will be examined on their behaviors, abuse, neglect, in relation to their delinquent behaviors. The research will FIRST introduce briefly the concept of juvenile delinquency and the background to the problem. It will go ahead to look back at the main causes of juvenile delinquency in the area, incorporating the different categories of offenses perpetuated by these juveniles, putting into consideration the International Rules or Instruments concerning child offenders. It would also discuss the existing laws of Uganda and its contribution in the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders. It would also criticize these existing laws on their contribution, not only in Nakawa division, but the whole country. The research will further look at the institutional contributions in the day today operation of the law in relation to juvenile justice system in Nakawa Division. Several stakeholder~’ contribution in the area would be assessed; the opinion of the religious leaders and the NGO5 would also be gathered. The above then will allow the researcher to discover what contribution these institutions make in the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders in the research area. A good recommendation of the respondents and the researcher on what could be the way forward, in the struggle to rehabilitate the child offenders in Nakawa Division will then follow
A research paper submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of a bachelor of laws degree of Kampala International University
Juvenile, Justice system