An Analysis of the law on rights and freedom of suspects in detention centers in Uganda

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
This research report establishes and evaluates the law and freedoms of the suspects in their detention centres which must be observed and recognized by the law enforcement agencies which are bound to protect and take care of the suspects. Freedoms and laws are breached by these Custodians at the large extent, following the incidents of incommunicado detentions, breach of the 48 hours rule, torture and inhuman degrading acts, lengthy pre-trail detentions and other effects which emanate from the results of the violations This research paper analyses pre-trial detention (remand) in Uganda. It digs deep into the causes and effects of lengthy pre-trial detention and provides suggestions to end it. The paper goes further to investigate the existence of the laws relating to detention at the national, regional and international level highlighting the particular provisions of law that state the confines within this kind of detention should take place and be dealt with. In conclusion, this paper is a comprehensive analysis, investigating and reporting of the law relating on detainees in Uganda, Local and international legal frameworks with recommendations from the authors to various stakeholders in this country towards ending violations of the rights of detainees.
A research paper submitted to the faculty of law as one of the requirements for the award of a diploma in laws of the Kampala international university.
Civil rights, Law, Freedom, Uganda, Suspect, Detention centers