The youths and unemployment in Nakalasa village, Mukono district

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Kampala International University, Faculty of Education
This study is on analysis of the youth's unemployment in Uganda. It is meant to establish whether the attention has been raised to address the problem of youth unemployment. The study aimed at examining the attitudes of work and it also established circumstances under I which youths survive without being employed as well as the probl~ they face as a result of being unemployed. The study found out that the youths in Nakalasa village faced a lot of problems which are interlinked and they range from lack of basic needs and services, exploitation and failure to get educational opportunities among others. The study recommends changes in policies in education, NGOs and Government instructions to be changed so as to address particular problems that the youths face. These changes require a strong commitment from both the government and NGOs if a good result is to be obtained.
A thesis submitted to The Faculty of Education partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Award of Bachelors of Arts with Education of Kampala International University.
unemployment, youths