The effect of tourism and academic performance of learners in Kaloleni Zone, Kaloleni District-Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
Tourism in Kenya is almost exclusively centered on two geographical areas; the south coast beaches and a handful of game reserves or national parks. A !50-kilometre strip of coastline north and south of Mombasa is lined with beach hotels designed for package tours and contains half of all tourism development in the country. This concentration spread the benefits (and costs) along the coast and also the country as a whole. Despite the fact that tourism is such an important sector of the economy, it is negatively affecting education at Kenyan coast. Poverty is an issue that more and more of our nation's children are coming face to face with. The price that children of poverty must pay is unbelievably high. Each year, increasing numbers of children are entering schools with needs from circumstances, such as poverty, that schools are not prepared to meet. The number of children dropping out of school to join piece jobs in the tourist industry is alarming (Republic of Kenya, 2003; 1998). Furthermore, it is noted that some of the perennial causes of poor performance and drop outs oflearners in schools is poverty (Achoka, 2007; 2006; Republic of Kenya, 2003). Teachers may find that students do not complete assignments, do not study for tests, or do not come to school prepared to learn because of poverty related circumstances in the home environment that forces them to look for alternative survival in the tourism industry. These children may be unable to concentrate or focus. These issues not only have an impact on the learning of the child of poverty but can also impact the learning of other children since they tend to influence them negatively. The researcher thus seeks to establish how the tourist industry affects the performance oflearners in terms of class test performance, school attendance and concentration. This project will be aimed at looking for possible solutions to the negative effects of tourism on educational standards of the learners in Kaloleni area of the Kenyan Coast.
A research project has been submitted to the Institute Of Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfilment of the A ward of Bachelor of Education of Kampala International University
Academic, Performance, Tourism, Learners