The role of media in fighting female circumcision case study the new vision

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Kampala international international: College Humanities and Social Sciences
This study was carried out to establish the role of the media in fighting female circumcision, with reference to the leading daily- The New Vision. The research began by reviewing some of the available literature related to the subject on the global, regional and local scene, most of the literature reviewed was from Uganda and it was available in form of papers presented in the workshops, magazines and newspapers. The methodology used was both qualitative and quantitative; two sets of the structured questionnaires were administered. The methodology used was aimed at finding out whether the media has helped any role in fighting female circumcision since other organizations have set out to disband this practice. Personal interviews were held with particular personalities in the media, organization and policy makers to get their views on the subject, in addition the interviews also sought for strategies on how best the media can fight female circumcision. Focus group discussion were held with some UNFPA members, executive members of REACH and SEA projects UNFP A was chosen as a pressure group struggling to fight female circumcision and especially in the media. The findings showed that although there has been an increase in the coverage of the anti-female circumcision articles the issues were mainly focused on reproductive Health. Finding further revealed that although the New Vision ran stories on Female circumcision, they were only published when there was need. The new vision hardly highlighted the danger of female circumcision. The majority of respondents recommended that all media personnel be gender sensitized if the media is to play a role in fighting female circumcision. In addition media personals are encouraged to attend workshops on female circumcision eradication so that they can know the facts and urgency of this practice.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of bachelor degree in mass communication Kampala international university.
Mass communication, Media, Female circumcision, New vision