The influence of the media on the people’s public perception of homosexuality and law: A case study of Ntv

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College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The purpose of the study was to investigate how the media influences the peoples’ perception of homosexuality and the law. The study was guided by four specific objectives and these included; To find out how the media represents cases concerning combating homosexuality in Uganda, the role of the media in influencing the institutional framework towards combating homosexuality in Uganda, the role of the media in influencing policy formulations in the fight against homosexuality in Uganda and, The influence of the media on creating homophobia. The study employed qualitative research means any type of research that produces findings not arrived at by statistical procedures or other means of quantifications. Its research about person’s lives, lived experiences, behaviors, emotions and feelings as well as about organizational functioning, social movements, cultural phenomena, and interaction between nations. From the findings, it was reported that they replied that the media just prints or talk about issues that in most cases are taken lightly. Others thought that the media representation in most cases is biased and they cannot be relied on to combat homosexuality. Many respondents were of the view that due to increasing technological development and unemployment, homosexuality is only rising up across media houses as they prefer to make money. Homosexuals are rich people and have the power to control media houses. Further findings revealed that most of them admitted that almost all cases of homosexuality are detected through the media. It is after the media talks or prints about homosexuality cases that the police usually intervenes. The study recommended that Media houses need to start representing homosexuality as a bad thing if it is to be combated in Uganda because the meaning of most issues is got from the media firsthand. The media should avoid promoting homosexuality by talking good to publically or stereotypically known homosexuals, lesbians and guys. the media need to give thorough news that is based on facts not only to sell because many policy makers in government uses them to come up with national policies and laws that become bidding to all of us.
A research report submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication of Kampala International University
Media, Homosexuality and law, Perception, Ntv Uganda