Knowledge and practice of patients on insulin self-medication among diabetic patients attending Kampala International University teaching hospital medical ward

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Kampala International University, School of Health Sciences
Introduction: Insulin is a drug used in the treatment of diabetes type one. Patients must be actively involved in self-administration and hence it requires them to be much more equipped with good knowledge and practices towards use of insulin. Therefore, the purpose of the study was to assess the knowledge and practices of diabetic patients on insulin self-medication attending KIU-TH medical ward. Methodology: The study was descriptive cross-sectional, Quantitative methods were employed in data collection and 36 respondents were involved both male and female who were selected using a systematic sampling method. Results: Majority of the respondent 20(55%) were above 50 years, 18(50%) were married. Majority were Catholics 12(33%), male were 26(72%) which indicated that insulin dependent diabetes is still high in male than female. 18 (50%) had reached university and18 (50%) of them were employed. Generally respondents knowledge was good as majority 26(72%) had ever received information about insulin. 15 (42%) knew that insulin can cause a low blood glucose level when given in excess and 20(55%) knew the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia plus the home management of hypoglycemic effect of insulin 20 (55%).practices were not satisfying, those who kept insulin in a freezer, in cold places, and anywhere were equal 10 (295%). Majority 20(56%) did not know the correct sites of insulin injection, Majority of did not wash hands before injecting themselves 18 (50%). 10 (28%) disposed of their insulin used needles in a pit 10 (28%), 10 (28%) in the toilet. 15 (42%) found it expensive to buy insulin leading to poor adherence. Conclusion: Despite good knowledge towards self-insulin administration, respondents demonstrated poor/unsatisfying practice and hence need to be educated more for better results.
A research report submitted to Uganda Nurses and midwives Examination Board in partial fulfillment for the award of Diploma in Nursing Sciences
Knowledge and practice of diabetic patients, Insulin Self-medication, Diabetic patients, KIU- teaching hospital