Dining experience, perceived restaurant image and guest loyalty in full - service restaurants in Kampala -Uganda.

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Kampala International University.College of Economics and Management
The research study was entitled as “Dining Experience, Perceived Restaurant Image And Guest Loyalty In Full - Service Restaurants In Kampala — Uganda”. The research study was guided by the following research objectives; to establish the relationship between dining experience and guest satisfaction in the selected restaurants of ~(ampala — Uganda, to determine the relationship between dining experience and guest loyalty and to establish if there is a significant relationship between dining experience, perceived restaurant image and guest loyalty in the selected restaurants of Kampala - Uganda. A closed end and self administered questionnaire was used. The questionnaire consisted of two sections; the first section on the study variables and the other on restaurant characteristics. The second section on restaurant characteristics was completed by restaurant managers. Selected respondents were approached at the end of the meal, requested to complete the questionnaire and leave it behind.The findings indicate that dining experience positively correlate with guest loyalty. The results mirror Ha and Jang’s (2012) results that restaurant atmosphere has positive effect customer loyalty. Also the finding agree with Ryu, Lee and Kim’s (2012) results that restaurant atmosphere, food and service have positive impact on customer revisit and recommendation. This means that dining experience is an influential factor of guest loyalty. In conclusion, Guest loyalty in full service restaurants is more strongly influenced by dining experience than perceived restaurant image. The non significant influence of guest satisfaction implies that the effect of guest satisfaction on guest loyalty is probably enhanced by other factors, such as perceived switching costs and trust, as suggested by Ranaweera and Prabhu
Research report submitted to the College of Economics and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hotel Management of Kampala International University
Dining, Restaurant, Image, Guest