Loan portfolio under the Islamic banking system: an analysis of the law in Uganda

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Kamapala International University
This study looks into Loan Portfolio under the Islamic Banking system: An analysis of the law in Uganda. Despite the fact that there is a growing interest of Islamic banking system in many financial institutions, many Ugandans have not adopted it yet since some are either unaware of how it works or some banks have not yet started providing Islamic financial services this is in spite of the fact that the Financial Institutions Act of 2016 already recognizes this form of banking. The main aim of the study was to analyze the law regulating loan portfolio under the Islamic banking system in Uganda. The research findings were analyzed basing on the specific objectives which were: To analyze the principles and trends in the historical evolution of Islamic Banking, To examine the different methods of Islamic financing under the Islamic Banking system, To examine the existing framework for loan portfolio in Islamic banking system in Uganda and Internationally. The major findings of the study were that there is no law regulating loan portfolio in Uganda and that there is need to separate Islamic Banking from conventional Banking by specifically making separate legislation for the two. The recommendations on the other hand were teaching the public of Islamic banking products, investment in research among others.
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Loan portfolio, Islamic banking system, Law, Uganda