Performance based contracts and democratic governance in Rwanda: a case study of Nyamasheke District

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Kampala International University.College of Humanities and social science
The study focused on performance based contracts and democratic governance in Rwanda and it used primary data, It was guided by the following objectives; the level of performance based contracts in Rwanda, level of democratic governance in Rwanda and the relationship between performance based contracts and democratic governance in Rwanda, The study under took descriptive correlation research design that largely suits qualitative and quantitative research design. The findings of the study revealed that performance based contracts have led to democratic governance in Rwanda since there is effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery which is measured by high rate of infrastructure development in Rwanda. The findings also indicated that peace and stability in Rwanda is attributed to democratic governance which is as a result of good leadership. The study further revealed that corruption, bribery, misuse of government funds as well as theft and embezzlement of development funds have reduced and this is attributed to performance based contracts and democratic governance. Lastly, the findings showed that ther~”are free and fair elections as well as sanity in the recruitment of public servants. The researcher recommends that, the government should expand the sensitization campaigns against corruption; bribery, embezzlement of government funds by educating the public on the dangers of corruption as well as bribery at the same time introduces free education to all from primary level of education to the university level and other high institutions of learning so as to continue promoting democracy as well as economic growth and development in the country.
Research report submitted to the College of Education Open and Long Distance Learning in partial fulfillment for the award of bachelor’s degree in Public Administration of Kampala International University’
Performance, Contracts, Democratic, Governance