Motivation and employee performance: a case study of Kenya Ferry Services

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The studies do focus much on the impact of motivation and employee performance Kenya ferry services at the old kilindini likoni. The research problem were whether there is a relationship between motivation and employee performance, the different forms of employee motivation, the impact of motivation and employee performance The research used both the quantitative and qualitative method in the collection of data during the period of the study to facilitate easy interpretation and analysis of the data The population sample was 100 employees form each section of the organization of which each department was a collection of 20 employees this was the best figure in order to carter for both men and women at the place of work. Basing on the research the findings were that there was a close relationship between motivation arid employees’ performances at the work place meaning that proper motivation would definitely result to good performance. it was also realized that the form of motivation the employee really suited them best was the extrinsic form 65%, the form that the company used was the intrinsic composed of 45% and the form that influenced performance was the extrinsic form and with the third objective was that it was realized that motivation that an impact on employee performance composed of 95%, 89% said that motivation does not promote job satisfaction and lastly motivation do boost employees morale composed of 88%. Conclusion basing on the findings it was concluded that motivation has a relationship with employee performance, the form of motivation that suited the employee best was the extrinsic form, the intrinsic form was best used by the company, while the extrinsic form influenced employee performance lastly it was realized that motivation has an impact on employee performance, motivation of employees did not promote job satisfaction and to finish with motivation of employees boosted their morale. Basing on the findings I recommended that equality should be promoted at work, motivation should be each man’s business it should not be left to the top management alone and to finish with top management should be ready to support motivation at work.
Research Report Submitted To School Of Business And Management As Partial Fulfillment For The Award Of Bachelor Of Human Resource Management Kampala International University
Motivation, Employee performance, Kenya Ferry Services