Poverty and house hold sanitation of selected homes of kansanga parish makindye division kampala city

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Kampala International University.College of Education
The study was an investigation into the Relationship between Poverty and Sanitation of Kansanga Parish, Makindye Division, Kampala District. The development of this research emanated from the fact that the people of this area were suffering much from the sanitation related diseases such as the cholera, dysentery, and many others that result from the way the people of the area live. Manv people thought, that these people were suffering from all these because of the fact that, they were poor. It's against this back ground that, the study was conducted to find out whether there was a relationship between poverty and home sanitation of the selected households of Kansanga parish. The objectives of the study were to: Establish the means by which the people of Kansanga dispose off their wastes; find out how domestic sanitation standards 2re maintained in Kansanga; and establish the relation between poverty and sanitation of Kansanga Parish. The study used SPSS as its methodology of arriving at results upon which conclusions and recommendations are made. The findings revealed that there is no -significant relationship between poverty and sanitation of Kansanga Parish, other revelation are that, the domestic sanitation standards and the way by which these people dispose off their wastes is still Jacking, because the standards used to measure these indicate below average. A lot has been left hanging in this field of home sanitation and poverty which need future researchers to come in and investigate further about the relationship between the two.
Dissertation submitted to the School of Post Graduate Studies in partial fulfilment for the requirement of the award of the degree of master of Arts (Geography) of Kampala International University
Poverty, House hold, Sanitation, Homes