Reward Management and Labor Turnover in Organizations: A Case Study of Kampala International University

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in Human resource management
This study was on "Reward Management and Labor Turnover in Organisations." The purpose of he study was to establish the extent to which reward management ahs influenced labor turnover in Kampala International University. The objectives were; to establish the forms of reward managed Used; examining the factors influencing employee rewards; and the relationship between reward Management and labor turnover. The study also used both qualitative and quantitative approaches Where questionnaires and interview guide instruments were applied. The scope of the study was Kampala International University. fhe different forms of reward components were established as salary, staff development, sincentives, wages, and fringe benefits. While the different factors influencing employee reward included technical know who, performance appraisal, rewarding of unique performances, terms of contract, and providing incentives as motivator. However, the relationship between labor turnover and reward management was found to exist where there is provision of a satisfactory pay, equating pay for work done, sustaining pay, providing incentives as a motivator, clearly stated salary structures, reviewed pay upon market changes, impromptu payments, not explaining situations of delayed payments, devised training and development programmes and where there is extra pay for extra work done, the turnover of labor varies accordingly. The study concluded that the reward system needs to be reviewed to a more indiscriminate system for all job positions to create fairness with unique contributions recognized to promote retention. It is vital that delays in payment are also minimized and communication made for such inconveniences caused to staff. The study recommends for; improvement of the terms of payment; reflecting on economic changes in the process of review of rewards; equally providing opportunities to develop staff; distributing incentives focusing on unique contributions; researching on turnover issues; carrying out performance appraisal and reflecting on them;
A Research Report Submitted To the College of Economics and Applied Statistics in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management of Kampala International University
Reward Management, Labor Turnover