Training and development on employee performance :

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The objectives of this study have been; to determine how training and development of employees contributes to the achievement of the goals, to find out the Training and Development Methods in and to assess the effects of training on employee performance in Mukwano Group of Companies. This study used a descriptive research design involving both quantitative and qualitative methods. The quantitative approach used to quantify incidences in order to describe current. The qualitative approach was used to explain the events and describe findings using interviews and documentary analysis. The data collection methods used included; questionnaire and observations. The study population was 1 00 respondents and sample size was 100 respondents since the target population was very small. Responsive and random sampling techniques was used. The study found out that based on the results, it became clear that training and development strategy was being carried out in Mukwano Group of companies. Although the respondents were aware of the various aspects of training and development, there was no strategic framework in place as the basis for an operational plan for the training and development strategy even though all respondents indicated that training and development was part of the strategic business plan process of Mukwano Group of companies. Furthermore, it can be concluded that clear human resource management in general, and training and development in particular at Mukwano Group of companies, should become more closely ticd to the needs and strategies of Mukwano Group of companies. As this occurs, training and development at Mukwano Group of companies will be the thread that ties together all other activities and integrates these with the rest of the employees. It became clear from respondents that the major organizational issue constraining training and development at Mukwano Group of companies was lack of top management support for the training and development programs. Therefore, Mukwano Group of companies in its attempt to enhance employee performance, motivation, retention. and morale competition must endeavor to ensure effective training and development strategies across all departments to ensure attainment of organizational goals.
A dissertation submitted to the college of economics and supply management in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management of Kampala International University
Training and development, employee performance, Mukwano Group of Companies, Kampala District.