Web based application for marketing and selling of furniture in Uganda :a case study of Kayonza furnitures (Kampala)

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Kampala International University, College of Computing and Information Technology
Online sale is buying and selling of goods and services with no physical contact between the buyer and the seller using two aspects like the website or telephone and main concerns of the project are the websites. It’s an application that allows people in different parts of the world to access products produced in this case furniture. The user browses the online furniture store while selecting items depending on one’s choice. In Uganda, furniture is sold to customers with access to companies. The need to improve on furniture sales becomes an important factor, clients will be able to log in and access information without traveling to where it’s sold. There are a number of problems faced with the current way of furniture selling in Uganda like poor advertisement of furniture items available in store; which furniture is imported, that produced locally, how much does it cost?: a problem of security say physical security, they have limited storage space. lack of access by multinationals, people don’t have an idea how much furniture commodities are sold. The manual systems these furniture firms use cause loss of their customer details especially those who frequent their stores to buy furniture products in case files where they record data are lost or stolen. Another problem faced by these furniture firms is dataloss and data redundancy whereby a record may be written twice or thrice because there is no system to track whether a record was already entered or not. So with rapid growth and increase of people who use computers in the country. the pressure in various furniture companies has increased in opting to improve on the purchase and sell of their furniture. A lot of time wasting, transport charges and risks which customers may face while going to buy furniture products have prompted the introduction of this new system of buying furniture online. The study is aimed at developing a web based application for selling and buying of furniture online to reduce the number of problems faced by furniture companies especially Kayonza,furniture company. The researcher recommends the development of the said system.
Research report submitted to the college of applied sciences and technology in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of bachelors of computer science and bachelor of information technology Kampala International University
Marketing and selling, Web application, Kayonza furnitures, Kampala