The effects of alcoholism to development in Jinja municipality in Jinja district

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
This is a study about effects of alcoholism in Jinja Municipal Council located in Jinja District here in Uganda. The main aim of this study is to critically analyze the effect of alcoholism on the social and economic development on Jinja Municipal Council in Jinja District. Besides that, there is need to establish the influence of gender and age on perception on alcohol use and consumption in Jinja Municipal. Bandura (1977) proposed that people form habits by imitating from their immediate environment while Gestalt (1969) suggests that people make certain decisions that are determined by the principles of proximity, similarity, continuity, and closure. The respondents included 240 settlers. The study will also note which age bracket in which drinking commensurate. Ages 16-19 years have high preference for alcohol because of their adolescent age. However other drunkards over 40 years have great influence on the juniors in alcohol drinking. There are a lot of people taking alcohol and the number is still high. The majority of which are men, the number of women who are alcoholic is low compared to that of men. The research will explain that the accidents have increased because people drink and drive, people have died and some have become disabled which disability which has affected their economic development. Recreational centers have developed Jinja Municipal Council. Many buildings have been constructed as well as construction of new infrastructures, but through good and well-constructed infrastructures have been built, slum areas have also developed. The researcher will recommends the following. There should be sensitization and awareness raising about the dangers associated to with alcoholism. Community leaders should ensure that all recreational centers that tend to turn the area into a slum should be shut down. Persons bellow 18 years of age strictly should not be allowed to take alcohol. They should never be allowed to buy it or drink alcohol. The government should put police men along the road to arrest all those who drive when they are drunk, or they should be allocated community service as a form of punishment.
A research report submitted to the school of law in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of bachelor of laws degree of Kampala international university
Alcoholism, Development, Jinja municipality, Jinja municipality