Causes and impact of inadequate workforce on organizational performance: a case study of Bukoba Urban District Council, Tanzania

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
This study carried out an investigation on the causes and impact of inadequate workforce on organizational perfbrmance in Bukoba Urban District Council found in Tanzania. The study was guided by the following specific objectives: to identi& the causes of vacant positions in BUDC. examine the effect of inadequate workforce in BUDC. and to assess the measures put forward by BUDC in filling the vacant positions. This study employed Descriptive Research Design utilizing 114 respondents chosen randomly and purposively. Questionnaires, interview guides and documentary reviews were used to get the views and opinions from the respondents on the subject of investigation. Research findings revealed that staffing practices at BUDC faces several challenges and some of them include: rigid and bureaucratic procedures on acquiring staff, lack of a detailed assessment on human resources requirement, acute shortage of stalL poor remuneration which does not attract stafffrom private sectors, inadequate preparation ofstaff for open competition in filling up vacant promotional outlets among other challenges. On the other hand, it has been found out that it is significant to the organization to have all its established vacant posts filled as it improves performance by rationalizing the workload to required human resources strength. It was also noticed that different steps have been taken to curb the existing human resource requirement. Some of these include among others: spending extra hours to cover the pending assignment. rescheduling of the job description to the existing stalL collaborating with other staff from other institutions, contracting out certain assignment and forfeiture ofemployee? annual leave. Basing on the findings, the researcher put forward the following recommendations: shortening the recruitment process. selection and placement of qualified strait waving out bureaucratic procedures in recruitment processes, improving staff salaries and benefits. developing training and development programmed for employees which will among other things restrict the trained staff from transferring to other district councils in Tanzania
A research thesis submitted to the School Of Post Graduate Studies In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of the Degree of Masters Of Arts in Human Resource Management Of Kampala International University
Inadequate workforce, Organizational, Performance, Tanzania